Stand with Hong Kong Global Campaign 2021

Monday, January 18, 2021 9:02 PM

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Grassroots pro-democracy advocacy group Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong. today launches its Global Campaign 2021, a series of billboard and digital campaigns showcasing Hongkongers’ determination to master their own destiny. The Campaign kicks off in the United States as the Biden administration begins its term, clearly signalling that American support remains vital to Hong Kong’s fight for democracy. The Campaign will continue with initiatives in other countries during the first quarter of 2021.

2020 saw the promulgation of the National Security Law (NSL) in Hong Kong which has destroyed the city’s residual autonomy and any remnants of democracy. The law is incompatible with the rights and freedoms guaranteed to Hongkongers under the Sino-British Joint Declaration and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Hongkongers are now facing harsh criminal charges for political dissent. The protest slogan ⁠— “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times” — is now banned for jeopardising “national security”. Blatant persecution is rife with pro-democracy lawmakers ousted from the legislature, while over 80 activists and politicians have been arrested for alleged NSL offenses. 

Stand with Hong Kong spokesperson, John Song said: 

“Political dissent has been outlawed in Hong Kong. Beijing’s insecurity is so immense that any criticism of its authority anywhere must be silenced. Hong Kong is but an acute example of such tendencies to stifle free speech. Hence Hongkongers in the US have taken up the mettle and continue to speak out for our compatriots.

Our US campaign has a clear message: “Don’t let Hong Kong fall”. The plight of Hong Kong is a cautionary tale for the US and its allies. They must recognise the threats posed by an assertive authoritarian China, which must be held to account for its transgressions in Hong Kong and beyond. 

To reinforce bipartisan support for the cause of Hong Kong, we have collaborated with multiple US grassroots groups to develop We call on American supporters across the nation to use this user-friendly directory to contact their elected representatives, voicing their support for Hong Kong.”

Note to editors:

This campaign starts off with a billboard in Washington, D.C. on January 18th 2021, to coincide with the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20th, 2021. 

The billboard sits at New York Avenue & Montana Street and will be on display for 4 weeks. 

On Inauguration Day, the digital campaign will go live on multiple platforms. The core message is “Democracy is frail, but hard to kill”, urging Americans to “join Hong Kong’s fight for freedom” and “stand with us by visiting”.


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About Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong. 重光團隊

We are a completely independent, grassroots, crowdfund advocacy group of individuals who have come together to fight for freedom and democracy for Hong Kong. Since the Handover, we have witnessed China's increased erosion of Hongkongers’ freedoms. China's conduct has been in breach of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration — a legally binding treaty — which also forms the basis of the 1992 United States-Hong Kong Policy Act. 

We focus on strengthening the ties between many faceless Hongkongese pro-democracy activists and politicians in democracies worldwide, with a focus in the UK, the US, and the EU, promoting a greater understanding of China’s policy in Hong Kong and campaigning for a truly free and democratic Hong Kong.

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