Brutality of Hong Kong protest policing confirmed by report from UK parliamentarians

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 9:30 AM

Today, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hong Kong in the British parliament published the results of its inquiry into the treatment of humanitarian workers during last year’s protests in Hong Kong. The findings of the report are damning and show how little regard the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) had for internationally recognised human rights and the rule of law.

Stand with Hong Kong welcomes the findings of the APPG’s Inquiry, which reaffirm many of the facts that Hongkongers have known in the past year, namely the violations of international humanitarian practices by the HKPF. When placed in the context of the city’s new national security law, it paints a bleak picture of Hong Kong’s future.

Considered alongside the much criticised report published by Hong Kong’s Independent Police Complaints Council, the APPG findings illustrate that the HKPF had not only failed to meet expected standards in crowd control during the 2019 protests, but had also mistreated humanitarian workers and medical professionals in the field, who remain neutral in any conflicts. As the APPG report outlines, these workers are protected by numerous international agreements, many of which apply directly to Hong Kong. This mistreatment not only harmed the humanitarian and medical workers who were there to help the injured but also delayed and harmed the care they tried to administer to the victims.

John Song, Spokesperson for Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong says:

“Justice delayed is justice denied. Since June 2019, Hongkongers have been waiting for their government to conduct a credible independent inquiry into police brutality allegations - and to hold those responsible for widespread violence against civilians to account. The rapid deterioration in Hong Kong's autonomy and human rights conditions following the national security law’s imposition shows that Beijing and the local administration are only interested in crushing dissent.

“It'd serve both justice and history if the truth about what happened during these momentous protests can be documented. An independent investigative mechanism led by an international authority seems the only recourse now. We further support the APPG's call for Magnitsky-style sanctions against those responsible for the excessive police violence and a more discerning BNO immigration process for those responsible for and complicit in human rights violations in Hong Kong."




英國國會「跨黨派香港小組」於今天正式發布關於 2019 年香港警隊如何對待人道救援工作者的獨立調查結果。該調查指出香港警隊嚴重違反國際人道標準和法治。


相較於數月前公信性備受質疑的「獨立監察警方處理投訴委員會」(監警會)報告,APPG 是次調查報告指出香港警隊不但沒有遵守人群控制的守則,而且曾經虐待在任何衝突中均保持中立的人道救援工作者和醫護人員。正如報告所述,按眾多的國際協議,這些救援人員理應受到保護,而其中多條協議更是直接適用於香港。這種虐待不僅傷害了在現場幫助傷者的人道救援工作者和醫護人員,更拖延並影響了他們嘗試向受害者提供的護理。



「若有人能記下發生於香港街頭動蕩的真相,將有助追尋公義和記載歷史。可是,現在似乎只剩下以國際社會領導獨立調查這個方法。我們亦支持 APPG 的建議方案,針對容許警暴的官員實施馬格尼茨基式制裁,以及防止負責、參與或同謀侵犯人權的人士受惠於英國國民(海外)公民特別移民政策。」