The anti-Extradition Bill movement in Hong Kong has been ongoing over months, more than millions of HongKongers have gone on the street to push for the complete withdrawal of the bill. The Hong Kong Government has however shown no signs of willingness to satisfy the protesters' demands. On the contrary, we have only seen escalation of persecution of the protesters and Hong Kong Police Force escalating its attack on the civilians.

What appears to be a local crisis in Hong Kong is emerging as a global threat to the world.

  • Beijing Government has no respect for the basic human rights, we don't have to look far into its history to see Tiananmen Square.
  • Over one million Uyghurs and Turcic minorities are being held in concentration camps in Xinjiang, their identities and cultural history erased.
  • In Hong Kong, Beijing uses the puppet governor of Hong Kong to suppress opposition among the citizens with excessive police violence.

Even in Denmark and Scandinavia, China seeks to influence events and control news:

  • In Denmark, Beijing prevented the use of Tibetan flags; and repeatedly warning the Danish Government against meeting spiritual leader Dalai Lama;
  • In Norway, China cooled diplomatic and economic ties as punishment after the award of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo;
  • A Swedish national, Gui Minhai, went missing in Thailand in 2015 and was later found in the custody of China after a murky abduction. Despite condemnation from the Swedish Government, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, China has turned a deaf ear to all the criticisms.
  • Gui’s current situation and location remain unknown, after Chinese agents abducted him (again), this time on a Chinese train in the presence of two Swedish diplomats.

Where do you stand on authoritarian threats against democracy and freedom? Will you be standing with Hongkongers in the fight for justice and human rights?

Stand with Hong Kong! We need all the support from the world. Every single voice counts.

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