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Hong Kong's rule of law and basic human rights are under assault.

In the beginning of 2019, the Hong Kong government, under the pretext of closing a legal loophole, introduced a controversial bill that would allow extradition from Hong Kong to China. If passed, the law would expose anyone in Hong Kong to China's deeply flawed justice system and lead to further erosion of the city's judicial independence.

In June, the people of Hong Kong took to the streets in unprecedented numbers to protest the Extradition Bill, culminating in a temporary suspension (but NOT formal withdrawal) of the Bill by the government.

On 12th June, at a largely peaceful protest, the Hong Kong police force (HKPF) started deploying teargas and rubber bullets against protesters. On the evening of 21st July, a large group of white-clad men, suspected to be members of organized crime colluding with the police, assaulted civilians indiscriminately in the Yuen Long subway station. Over the course of the last three months HKPF continues using excessive force to disperse largely peaceful protesters, causing confrontations between the police and protesters to turn ever more violent. On August 25, police deployed water cannons for the first time, and one officer fired a warning shot.

The situation keeps escalating. And the HK government steadfastly refuses to open dialogue with the protesters to address the political stalemate.

In order to protect German expatriates and the interests of German enterprises in Hong Kong, as well as to ensure that fundamental rights of EU citizens in Hong Kong are protected, please urge the Federal Government to take the following actions:

  1. Halt any cooperation and exchange programmes with the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF);
  2. Halt all export of crowd control equipment and “non-lethal” weaponry to HKPF;
  3. Acknowledge that protesters in Hong Kong may be persecuted on political grounds and adjust Germany’s asylum policy to Hong Kong’s situation accordingly;
  4. Freeze EU assets owned by high-ranking Hong Kong government officers/legislators who endorse police brutality in Hong Kong;
  5. Void the right of abode or EU citizenship of high-ranking Hong Kong government officials/legislators who endorse police brutality.

Solidarity Events Near You

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