About Us

We are a group of ordinary Hongkongers who care deeply about our city. We come from all walks of life and range widely in age and profession. Some of us are in Hong Kong while others are overseas. Despite not knowing each other in reality, we are united by our love for the city that we come from.

In the last 22 years, we have witnessed China’s repeated breaches of the Declaration and the deterioration of our human rights, freedoms and rule of law. Shocked and heartbroken at the recent events in Hong Kong and our government’s intransigence, we organized public fundraisers to call on international community in support of Hong Konger's fight for Freedom.

We hope that you will hear our sincere plea for Hong Kong and choose to stand with us in our fight for freedom.

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About Our Logo

The logo consists of the Chinese character for “person/people (人)”, repeated five times and converging from around the globe on one place — Hong Kong. The number five represents the five key demands made by protesters in June 2019. The form resembles the shape of an opened umbrella, a well-known symbol of the democracy movement. The logo also brings to mind the bauhinia, a flower native to Hong Kong and its official symbol.